The best recycle color toner cartridges in Mumbai is supplied by QPS.

We are pioneers in color laser recycling technology.

Our recycled color toner cartridges, deliver print defect free color performance and are equipped with chips, opc drums, seals, wiper and doctor blades.


During the image transfer stage on the paper, where the transfer roller which is located directly opposite each opc drum, places a positive DC bias charge on the back of the ETB(Transfer belt as called by HP). Each toner cartridge has a separate transfer charge roller. At the same time the paper is moving between the OPC drum and the ETB. Use of inferior non chemical toner powder can easily damage the very sensitive ETB and lead to poor prints.

n one of the stages the primary charge roller places a uniform negative DC bias voltage on the opc drum surface. The amount of the negative Dc bias placed on the drum is controlled by the printers intensity setting. This process is called conditioning. Hence the need to change the primary charge roller every cycle to give a uniform negative DC bias. Non compliance of the above might lead to faulty printing.

In another stage the laser beam is fired on to a rotating mirror called the scanner. As the mirror rotates, the beam reflects into a set of focusing lens. The beam then strikes the opc surface leaving a latent electrostatic image on the drum. The opc drum should be mint new, as otherwise image distortion would take place.


Use of chemical toner is imperative. Changing all the other critical components ensures defect free prints and no damage to the printer.

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